niedziela, 31 października 2010

Shopping List Release Notes

    First of planned optimization changes:
    • adding products from categories to shopping list works much faster now. (this can be noticed especially on slower devices like G1, Magic)
    Technical details:
    - Grid item for products/categories reimplemented from scratch. Now it is compound  custom component.
    - Updating checkbox (product added/removed  to shopping list) does not need gridview to be repainted now. Neither cursor.requery() is needed.
    - Adapter.getView()  does not need to make any queries to database, added intermediate cache which is responsible for holding information if product is already in shopping list.
    - Removed string toast messages as checkbox already informs if product is in shopping list or not.

      Much easier to find product on your shopping list:
      • Products ordered by category.
      • Each category on shopping list in different color.

      • Multiple lists.
      • Title navi bar improvements (user always see which list is active).
      • Floating point quantity value (e.g. 1.3).
      • Improved layout for "add product" and "add category" dialogs.
      • Bug fixes.

      • Bugfix for "Force Close" when user added new product without icon.

      • User can now define his own icon (suggestions, phone gallery) - instead of default blue one.
      • User is provided with set of suggested icons when adding new product or category. Suggestions are based on product name.

      • User can remove predefined product from any category (long press the product icon to show context menu)
      • User can remove whole category (long press the category icon to show context menu)
      • It is now possible to install application on SD Card
      • Changed "Add Product" icon in "Search" form.
      • Added "Categories" and "Shopping List" buttons to navi-title bar

      • UI Changes
      • Added "New Category" button to list of categories
      • Added "New Products" button to all categories

      • Minor  GUI changes.

      • Added possibility to define price of product. User can change the price from products list, shopping list or history list (by long pressing the product icon). 
      • Added price to shopping list items.
      • Added summarized price of all items that are checked ("Shopping list" form).

      • Added search functionality. User can search product among all defined in application. If product does not exist, user can add it directly from search form. To improve visibility during searching, icons of products are by default hidden, but user can turn icons back on (menu->"show icons").
      • Added navi/title toolbar, common to all activities - user can quickly navigate to search activity or to application home screen.
      • Improved UI/UX ( added focus frame for grid item - visible when user uses trackball to navigate products, categories or history items; changed some string.... )

      • Categories can be renamed now (long press category icon).
      • User can define own categories (in "Categories" activity, click menu->New Category).
      • Fix for bug: checked products from "Shopping List" were not inserted into history.

      • Fix for exception thrown when user tried to rename product to already existing name.
      • All products can be renamed (long press product in category view e.g. "Fruits").
      • Added indicator to product icon in "Product" activity. Indicator informs user that particular product is already in shopping list. (particular products activity->click on product)
      • Added possibility to automatically hide checked shopping list items. ("Shopping List"->Menu->"Hide checked")
      • Added possibility to remove product from shopping list while user in "Product" activity. First click on product - adding to list, second click - removing from list.(particular products activity->click on product)
      • Added "Additional Info" to product in shopping list. User can set this field by long pressing the product icon.
      • Activities names in dashboard written in bold.
      • Added button "Move to history" to "Shopping List" activity. All products from shopping list are moved to "History" activity
      • Changed "Categories" activity tile to "Products"
      • Improved visibility of products - resized font, bold.
      • User can modify shopping item details (quantity, additional info) by long pressing shopping list item